Applications & Know-how


AES performs, according to its customers' specifications, micro-winding and standard winding for all types of rotating machinery equipped with the following types of electric motors: AC/DC, brushless, gear motor, alternator, generator, Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), servomotor control for actuator, kerosene pump, air compressor, fan, torque motor, flap control, turbine, starter, etc.



AES has acquired recognized expertise in the following areas:

  • prototyping of all types of electrical winding,
  • producing lamination packs,
  • manual and semi-automatic winding of electrical components such as stators, rotors, resolvers, coils, electromagnets, magnetic bearings, self-induction, in enameled copper wire or special wire starting at 0.03 mm diameter, for on-board electromechanical assemblies,
  • vacuum and pressure impregnation,
  • molding,
  • assembly, integration of complex elements,
  • AC/DC electrical testing, surge test, gauss meter, resistance, isolation etc.
  • control and traceability of special processes,
  • technical expertise on all types of electric coils.


AES has implemented a quality management system to enable it to ensure the reliability, security and traceability of all its products. The company is certified to the latest versions of ISO 9001 & EN 9100.

Its staff is regularly trained on all health and safety issues (electrical skills, fire safety, workplace first aid, ergonomics, MPS), special procedures specific to the winding industry and expected technical skills (brazing, electrical testing).